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to listen to u2 music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tournée favorite: U2 360° Tour
"well the stage/production was just amazing to see and be apart of live. its the only tour ive seen live but that's not why i'm picking it. I loved hearing MOS as it is such a powerful song, i loved this tour beyond words!"
concerts préférés: 1997-12-03 - Mexico City
"well this changes quite ABIT but ill pick this one because its up on my list anyway! and loved every moment of it putting it simply."
album favoris: Achtung Baby
"Achtung baby, there's not a song on there i don't like! such a powerful album and a defining time in my opinion for U2"
chanson favorite: New Year's Day
"This song was the 2nd song i ever herd and i never turned back after hearing it, Love hearing Adam strutting that bass to start this one off, the signature edge piano and solo! ohh and backup vocals!!! simply bliss !!!!!!"

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I remember as a kid hearing One for the first time and I loved that song but it wasn't until primary school that I actually became a fan and started to know who U2 was.
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