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il y a 2 années
6 concerts during 4 tournées
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tournée favorite: ZOO TV
"Amazing show! Week of rehearsals in Hershey PA. And I met my future wife at the rehearsals!"
concerts préférés: 1992-08-07 - Hershey
"First time I saw them live. Just amazing."
album favoris: Achtung Baby
"This is like picking your favorite child..."
chanson favorite: Bad
"Blown away by it when I watched Live Aid many years ago. Still a fave today."

au sujet de pontneuf
Loved U2 since a friend's older brother put Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year's Day on a mix tape in approx. 1983. Now old enough that I'm looking forward to taking 4 kids to their first U2 show in June!
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