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Playing keyboards and drums, vintage shopping, bike riding, reading, live music
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tournée favorite: Lovetown
"How rock and roll should be. Not (overly) choreographed, fantastic assortment of classics and includes the best (as far as I've heard) show - that being the 27th December 1989 show."
concerts préférés: 1989-12-27 - Dublin
"Two Hearts Beat As One, All I Want Is You (well, a snippet...), Bad, The Unforgettable Fire, God Part II....there's why. All in ONE show."
album favoris: Passengers
"U2 at their absolute most creative, free and experimental. While Zooropa might be a ride from start to finish, this one - whatever it is - Passengers is truly something else. Where on any other U2-involved album do you get sonic beauty like Always Forever Now (my favourite from this album), Slug, United Colours, Corpse, Plot 180....you don't. Then you get Your Blue Room and Miss Sarajevo - two more reasons this album is essential. "
chanson favorite: Zooropa
"I know I wrote Passengers as being my favourite album - but Zooropa kind of sounds like it's the entry to this album. The bass intro is seriously fucked up - and I love it - as well as the weird sounds everywhere. A sonic overload; 90s U2 is the best U2."

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Working in customer service (for now) and moved to Melbourne in mid-2015 in search of a job and more social opportunities. Nothing else too interesting about me - would love to meet some fellow U2 fans here.
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