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2017-07-08 - London
"I was hoping for an incredible day and.."
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The Joshua Tree
deanallison a entendu 11 songs de l'album The Joshua Tree en live.
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tournée favorite: ZOO TV
"I should really go for a tour that I actually went to see and was more my era, but the set lists combined with the performances make zoo tv the strongest for me. "
concerts préférés: 2017-07-08 - London
"After having a few weeks to reflect on it this show still stands out as my favourite I attended. Songs I thought I'd never see played live performed to an excellent standard to a great crowd, overall an amazing show. "
album favoris: Achtung Baby
"I rate Achtung Baby as the perfect album and never get bored of listening to a track from it. "
chanson favorite: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
"Quite simply my favourite song, love it whether it's album version, live, acoustic or full electric, favourite version is Elevation tour Boston. "

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