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1992-06-04 - Dortmund
"Excellent show, with a very loud Germa.."
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tournée favorite: Lovetown
"This is when the band was at the top of their game. Together with an intimate setting, fantastic crowds and setlist surprises, it doesn't get any better than this."
concerts préférés: 1989-12-15 - Dortmund
"Frankly, I have many favorites, not just in that tour. I chose Dortmund 2 Lovetown because it has so many great performances, including perhaps the best Bad and NYD ever. The crowd is one of the loudest you'll find in a bootleg. I also love Rotterdam 2 and 4 and from the UF tour Glasgow 2."
album favoris: Pop
"The album that accompanied me in my teenage years. I love all albums but this may be the only one where I love all songs (including Miami)."
chanson favorite: Please
"The single version is perfection. The lyrics transcend the Irish conflict and speak about the futility of all conflicts based on absurd differences. "Love is bigger than us."

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