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2009-09-12 - Chicago
"From getting in line at 6am to the end.."
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tournée favorite: ZOO TV
"I think U2 was playing at another level during this tour. The stage set-up, setlists, Bono alter egos, and overall satirical, ironic presentation of this tour continues to amuse and amaze me."
concerts préférés: 1997-09-23 - Sarajevo
"The band's desire to bring the whole PopMart extravaganza to this city following the siege, not scaling things back but giving it their all, makes it a favorite - Bono's voice issues included. "You got to give it away(!)""
album favoris: Achtung Baby
"Every song is a gem. It reinvented U2 and took them into their best era. I love how it is both flippant and intense, with the title, cover, and even the musical influences masking the dark interior of love gone wrong and hypocrisy exposed."
chanson favorite: One
"It's the song that saved U2. Musically and lyrically, it's a beautiful song that continues to resonate."

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