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2005-04-28 - Vancouver
"Everything here I thought was outstand.."
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tournée favorite: Innocence and Experience tour
"Innocence and Experience has been one of the most genuine tours since Elevation. During the two shows I attended, I experienced nearly every emotion in the spectrum because this tour was not only a celebration of the band, but also a display of their involvement in modern day political and social issues. They are not afraid to tie in their social, political, and religious views into their music and that's what makes this tour a genuine show, not just an escape from reality."
concerts préférés: 2011-06-18 - Anaheim
"This was my very first U2 gig and my very first GA experience. Plus, they debuted a set unlike any that would appear during the rest of the tour as they used this show as a dry run of their Glastonbury festival performance. What an unforgettable evening!"
album favoris: Songs Of Innocence
"This album, as a whole, is my favorite by for. Even though all of their albums have been great in my opinion, I developed an immediate connection with SOI. Personally, I find the songs on this album to be incredibly easy to relate to."
chanson favorite: Moment of Surrender
"Recently I've been coming back to this song again and again. It's a song that puts life into perspective and reminds me that underneath the intricate details of everyday life, all of us are simply people looking for something to greater than us to hold on to in order to get through the day."

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