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2015-09-13 - Amsterdam
"Where do I need to queue to get me the.."
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The Joshua Tree
Remy a entendu 11 songs de l'album The Joshua Tree en live.
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tournée favorite: ZOO TV
"Although I've never witnessed this tour I love everything about it. The characters, the extravaganza, the band, the album. What a historic tour."
concerts préférés: 1992-05-22 - Milan
"Every song during this show was nailed to perfection. Bono's voice was at his absolute top. The crowd carried the show. Just pure perfection."
album favoris: Achtung Baby
"It wasn't my first favourite U2 album, but after a few years it secured that spot and it never moved. A true masterpiece."
chanson favorite: Bad
"This is when God walks in the room, if I have to quote Bono. The intro gives me chills every time. Any show is considered perfect if Bad shows up."

au sujet de Remy
I'm Remy, born and raised in The Netherlands. I was born in The Hague and my family moved to the far east of Holland when I was 3, moving back to the The Hague area some 20 years later. When I was 14 I started building websites, at 20 I started building U2start, my second family. Personal website: Remy.tv
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