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    They are SO great live. Only seen them twice. Dublin in '96 and Atlanta in '99 - the last time they were in the U.S. What a great band...
    Nice, hope you get a chance too see them again.
  2. Not looking good atm. Severe lack of money due to music-unrelated events that made me actually sell my ticket for the Foos/Green Day festival the other day, and probably will force me to seel some other tickets too in the foreseeable future. I'll try my best for Belfast if I stumble across cheap flights but I wouldn't give it more than 30% chance of coming to fruition. Sorry
  3. Rea Garvey coming up next week. In the town where I was born, by the big lake, beach side resort, sand, cocktails and the like. Gonna be a great evening

    This morning, Jana scored me some Sunrise Avenue tix for March 2018 love ya, mate

    Sold my Metallica ticket for next month.
  4. Why you sold Your 'tallica tickets?
    After the HardWired album i would have never bought em
  5. About to see Kings of Leon this Saturday!
  6. Bought it for the old songs.
    But U2 crashed my bank account. Otherwise, Metallica is always a must-see.
  7. A Bruce Springsteen Show is coming to my hometown in October

    it's not a real coverband, not a tribute band, but a collective of musicians that are bringing his songs as a series of tributes. I saw them bring Tom Waits' songs, I missed the Neil Young tributes...

    it's a cheap and easy-to-get-tickets altenative, and getting in front of the audience is easier too...
  8. A few weeks ago: TIZIANO FERRO a FIRENZE 15 luglio 2017.
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