2017-06-14 - Tampa, Florida - Raymond James Stadium


Première partie: OneRepublic
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chansons par album

  1. The Joshua Tree (11)
  2. War (2)
  3. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  4. Achtung Baby (2)
  5. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  6. Passengers (1)
  7. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (1)

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Cette partie est seulement évaluée, pas commentée
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Only during the beginning, I felt the crowd didn't seem to know how to respond to Bono during the echo parts of America. It seemed to take a few songs for the audience to warm up.


I was too young to attend a concert from the original Joshua Tree Tour and often jealous of those who had. I also was resigned to the fact I would never hear some of those songs so close to my heart live in concert. That changed on June 14th as my wife and I were welcomed by a double rainbow and dissipating rains upon our first visit to the Ray Jay and our second time seeing U2. Settling into our seats in section 311, we had a great angle of the stadium, the stage, and mammoth concave screen. As I took all of it in, I knew it would be a special night. The anticipation built and finally a stirring of the crowd sparked from the floor level was instantly followed by an eruption throughout the stadium as an unannounced Larry strode across the stage, all the way out to the b-stage drum kit and immediately began hammering the first snare hits of Sunday Bloody Sunday. We were on our feet in an instant! We would forget we even had seats as the four Irish rockers delivered a phenomenal show from start to finish. Incredible visuals stretched out on the screen as The Edge mastered the sounds coming from his instrument, laying it all on top of Adam’s stadium vibrating chords. Bono incorporated a lot of humor through the show but I also felt Bono had a very American patriotic message between songs. He spoke words of gratitude and inspiration but not without challenging us all to work together to change the world for the better. Never wavering from social awareness, he addressed the Pulse Nightclub massacre and other recently devastating tragedies when we shouted “No More!” during Sunday and also during a solemn moment as Bono dedicated One Tree Hill to the victims. And Larry! Man, seeing him hold down those rhythms rock solid for the entire night with rarely a break…incredible! I connected emotionally with the music many times throughout the show. Music from my past connecting to the present made for a surreal experience I will never forget. Overall rating…5 stars.

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  1. Bono and Larry
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