The Edge - The Joshua Tree Tour

Concert: 2017-06-03 - Chicago
Set photo:U2 in Chicago by Rob Berezowski
Description: The Edge. Thee Edge. The Zen-master brain behind U2’s sound and style - levitates across the stage flexing his magical powers. That’s not true of course (the levitating bit), but it sure felt that it could happen at any moment. During “I Will Follow”, The Edge got a wee bit jumpy! I’ve never seen Edge jump... ever. It was more of a bounce than anything. So the odds of me catching this moment, frozen and pin-sharp, all while looking in my direction? It kinda blows my mind! Soldier Field, Chicago June 3rd 2017
Membres du groupe: Edge
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U2 epoque: Joshua Tree 2017 (2017-present)
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  1. JoyLupa noté

    Wow Jump Edge! Love this pic.

  2. BigGiRL noté

    So much too see. The shadows, the Gibson Explorer, the people in the audience... And there is this energy. But also control. And joy.

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