donate to U2start

U2start is run by fans for fans. All expenses are paid from our personal income. As with all popular websites, hosting and bandwidth can be very costly. Therefore we would like to ask you to consider making a donation to support U2start.

alternatives to donations

If you are unable to make a donation, consider alternatives to support U2start such as the following:
  • To join our crew, we always have openings for show moderators.
  • To find us a sponsor or sponsor something from your own U2 collectibles
  • To promote U2start in your circle of contacts, or via online channels.
  • To submit content like photos, bootlegs or torrents.
If all of our active forum posters would donate € 0,50 a year, we could pay all our bills without personal funding.

make a donation

If you want to donate, please contact us so we can send you the information you need.

overview of our expenses

We will use donations for one of the following expenses and no other:
  • Domain registration (e.g., ~ € 115 per year)
  • Costs for our webserver and bandwidth (~ € 175 per year)
  • Costs for subscriptions for: Mediafire and (~ € 150 per year)
  • Costs for our photo storage (> 35 GB of photos! ~ € 90 per year)
  • Subscriptions for U2start live show or for any software licenses required to run/maintain U2start ( ~ € 120 per year)
Annual expenses 2017: € 650 / USD 687

donations vs. expenses

We are fully transparent of our expenses and donations. See below for an overview of donations vs. expenses per year:

Donations received in 2017:

€ 650 (100% of € 650)

Donations received in 2016:

€ 230 (35% of € 650)

eternal gratitude

We would like to thank all the fans who donated for their support. With your help, we can stick around.